Thursday, March 27
UFO... was cat.

Thursday, March 13
Who has better things to do than parody the office of homeland security?

Not me. So I just took someone else's forwarded email and stuck it on a web page.

Friday, March 7
The White House asked if President Bush could address the European
Parliament, Baroness Williams revealed on BBC One's This Week show on
Thursday. But, she said, Euro-MPs were told there was a condition attached
to him making the speech: a standing ovation should be guaranteed. The
speech has never taken place.

BBC News.

Thursday, March 6
Watch the little banner under the main logo at the top left of the page.

Stay with it.

Wait for the hamster.

Yo yo yo, where the chedda, bitch?

Wednesday, March 5
Boycott Delta in the news.

Oh, yeah.

(May not be safe for work {unless you turn your monitor away from the hall})

Tuesday, March 4
Boycott Delta!

Just to set the record straight.

George W. Bush is a chimp.

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