Thursday, June 27
"A man was today awarded more than $60,000 after breaking his arm when he slipped on a greasy pub floor caused by a patron who wore pork chops for shoes."


Tuesday, June 25
Measure 4 Measure: Sites That Do the Work For You

On the same note as the last link.

Measurement Units Conversion

Very handy tool.

This site remids me of the Steven Wright joke, "I got a tattoo. It's of myself, but one inch over."

Sunday, June 23
Sheriff Lee Baca releases 842 inmates

Who let the cons out? Who? Who? Who? Who?

You know, I appreciate that prison reform might happen by the same idiotic system that created it. Budget cuts and mismanagement could force more releases. What about the loony bins?

Saturday, June 22
King (Censored by Kraft Foods) Cheesy Graphics

Where art and commerce collide, there's a lawyer with an injunction. King VelVeeda is being sued by Kraft for using their copyrighted brand in his work. It's a good thing, too, because parody should be squashed before it gets out of hand and becomes dissent!

And besides, there's no better way to shut up an artist than to sue them.

(Thanks to Raaven for the link.)

Monday, June 17
Ballsy Bear

That's one crude bear.

Thursday, June 13
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java Tutorial


Tuesday, June 11
What Bush knew...

Not quite sure what to do with this one. This is what Bush was doing the moment the planes hit 9/11. This is on the elementary school's site, which does not itself substantiate the video. Watch it for yourself.

Wednesday, June 5
McDonald's USA - 06/01/2002 Press Release

"Apology Related to French Fry Litigation Settlement

McDonald's sincerely apologizes to Hindus, vegetarians and others for failing to provide the kind of information they needed to make informed dietary decisions at our U.S. restaurants."

"Oh yeah, and we're sorry our burgers taste like ass. We promise to stop rubbing them on our asses."

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