Wednesday, March 27
Car and Driver - Caddy's Big & Tall

The best car review ever written.

Monday, March 25
Sheath Vagina String by Rose's Turn

Another from the files of "Weird Shit You Can Buy In the Privacy of Your Own Home".

Thursday, March 21
Dog breed selector.

Must... get... dog.

Wednesday, March 20
Britney Underground

OK, I got the link from Yahoo Internet Life. Sue me!

Tuesday, March 19
The Rocket Car Legend.

Sent to me by WSH who wished this to be known:

"On the off chance that you add this to your blogger page, please mention that the link to this page was found on the Brunching Shuttlecocks website - I like to give them good press."

So there it is.

Sunday, March 17
Ring worm!

Insert your own evil laugh!

Thursday, March 14
DJscene.com, A-Trak

Turn up your speakers and watch this kid in action.

Unbelievable. Two turntables, fuck the microphone.

the first rule about Hobbes is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT HOBBES.

Wednesday, March 13
BBspot - Overclocked Jesus Performs Miracles Faster

Thursday, March 7

Random web image #4889X0Y

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