Wednesday, February 27
Current Time (Doomsday clock)

I just like that there really is a "Doomsday clock" run by world scientists. That means there's probably an "Armageddon Coffee Maker" and "Ragnarok Blender" out there somewhere.

Sunday, February 24
Enron Designed Fake Trading Floor

There's only one thing worse than Texas: Texans.

Saturday, February 23
Highlights from DJ Spooky IV:


Highlights from DJ Spooky III:


Worth the download.

Highlights from DJ Spooky II:


Open a window!

Highlights from DJ Spooky lecture/demo I:

I Know Where Bruce Lee Lives!

"The Ultrainteractive KungFu-Remixer"

Wednesday, February 20
The Vice Guide to Giving Head

This may just save your life one day.

Monday, February 18
No More Popup Ads

Some of these work, some don't seem to make a difference to me. I still get popups at many sites, but I figure every little bit helps in the war.


Pong - the movie!

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