Monday, July 30

Qma3x finds n3xt.

Sunday, July 29
Home of The Big Faker

Better than Adbusters.

Friday, July 27
Lesbian Partner Can Sue in Dog Mauling Death

"Whipple's horrific death grabbed national headlines and
stunned San Francisco, a liberal city with a large population
of animal lovers."


Thursday, July 26
Work opportunities on the Death Star.

Friday, July 20
Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One's Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments


Wednesday, July 18
The web is a scary place. Here, for your pleasure, is a report of the search strings that sometimes lead people to my site. That is, Random Browser enters the following string into, say, Google, and somewhere in those indeces, one or more of my web pages turns up in their search. The real question is, does this tell me that the web is scary, or I am?

search term:

rachel weisz topless
fight club
forced to undress
human dog
gary oldman conservative
angelina joilie
naked hula
coast guard special unit
cache: peter north wendy whoppers
magnolia symbolism movie
fugazi instrument video
forced undress
snake eyes
photographs of heels by murray
monologues actors
vivica a fox tits
british boarding school paddle
kris kristopherson
dramamine near snort*
i married a strange person
memento film
good will hunting
sneeze orgasm
dodge colt computer
animated godzilla monster eating money
porn drawing
jason patric face
pinback lyrics
ripped chicks
demi moore's butt
gods and monsters
throw mama from the train
lost in space 1998
courtroom dramas grisham turrow
fear and loathing in las vegas script
survival stories cabin
crouching tiger hidden dragon
downward spiral in rotten
toy story
memento chris
conspiracy theories
shelby mustang fiberglass
g.i jane
marcus aerelius
saving private ryan character backgrounds
six pack of abs
gilbert and sullivan operettas dead character
carlson insurace
a civil action movie trailer
flowmasters excursion
men hate brad pitt
sexually aggressive women
crouching tiger hidden dragon series song
tutti frutty
kevin bacon wild things naked
pushing tin
michael collins
memento guy pearce
conspiracy theory
location of auschwitz
forgotten silver
chest sly abs six pack
joilie angelina
all women are whores
as good as it gets
handcuff theory
dark city trailer
ryan rowe
the kingdom ii
the grind mtv tits
kingdom ii
gone in sixty seconds 1967 shelby gt 500
zero effect
tourretts syndrome
devil's advocate
bug's life shirt
full monty
the dar avengers
memento movie
being and being john malkovich
rubber suits
father kilt
high fidelity
persian immortal guard
antz software
isabella adjani
list of cars in gone in 60 seconds
producer credit picture
friend sex
what is fight club
8mm cage
neuromancer cyberpunk matrix
x files logos
mark blitztein
pocohontas disney film
300 spartans
crouching tiger lyrics
norman rockwell movie poster
story about decisions
lock stock and two smoking barrels clothing
fondle breast pdf
devils advocate
iron giant toy
kevin bacon wild things semi
lost world book movie
denise richard and neve campbell threesome wild things
wild things threesome scene
gone in 60 seconds cars diablo shelby
what dreams may come movie artwork

Monday, July 16
How Bush Took Florida: Mining the Overseas Absentee Vote

Sunday, July 15
Spielberg's A.I. tops box office
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Craig Sauer

July 2, 2001 | LOS ANGELES (MP) --

Steven Spielberg's "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" debuted as
the No. 1 film, taking in more than $30 million over the weekend,
despite its staggeringly poor quality. Sources close to Spielberg
report that he was pleased with the film's success. "Steve's
been trying to find out just how bad a movie of his has to be
before people won't go see it. He found the bottom for his historical
movies with Amistad, but has yet to scare sci-fi audiences away
with this stinking heap of rubbish. Let's keep our fingers crossed
for Minority Report!"

In a related note, Spielberg's publicist announced today that
Spielberg will undergo a controversial experimental surgery next
week. His hands will be removed and replaced with hams. Friends
insist that this plan is a cry for help, but moviegoers, bored
with subtlety at the cinema, are responding enthusiastically
to his plan. "I'm hoping that when Steve makes the transformation
from being metaphorically ham-handed to literally so, the remaining
bits of subtely will finally be expunged from his films. I've
heard that in [Minority Report] there won't be any music to establish
mood. Instead, the actors will just hold up placards saying
things like: 'Feel digust at the horrors of war.'"

Wednesday, July 11
'A Thousand Clowns' Still Has Charm

Please, don't send in the clowns.


Enough said.

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