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Monday, May 7
Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

I was sent the following email, and I post it here to include the link:

Dear Friend,

I've never circulated this kind of email before. But I am so appalled
by President Bush's plan to open up the Arctic National Wildlife
Refuge to massive oil development that I feel I must do whatever I
can to help stop it.

To me, the Arctic Refuge represents everything spectacular and
everything endangered about America's natural heritage: a million
years of ecological serenity . . . vast expanses of untouched
wilderness . . . an irreplaceable sanctuary for polar bears, white
wolves and
130,000 caribou that return here each year to give birth and rear
young. For 20,000 years -- literally hundreds of generations -- the
native Gwich'in people have inhabited thissacred place, following the
caribou herd and leaving the awe-inspiring landscape just as they
found it.

Our own presidents going back to Eisenhower have kept a bipartisan
promise to
safeguard this world-class natural treasure. But not THIS president.
It is a sad day indeed when our president and congressional leaders
would sacrifice America's largest wildlife refuge for the sake of a
possible six-month supply of national energy.

A six-month supply! We
could save that little oil by improving the fuel efficiency of cars
and light trucks by a mere one mile per gallon. Only one group of
Americans will benefit from
the destruction of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge: the oil giants.
Everyone else loses. Arctic wildlife populations will decline, the
Gwich'in people will see their land marred by
pipelines and poisoned by oil spills, you and I will become even more
dependent on oil, and the planet will suffer catastrophic global
warming from the burning of even more fossil fuel.

Unless we get millions of Americans to lodge aprotest right now, this
nightmarish scenario may well come topass in the next two months.
The Republican energy bill, which would
fulfill the president's promise to drill the Arctic Refuge,
is moving through Congress today. House and Senate leaders may also
try to sneak through the Arctic drilling provision by attaching it to
a "must-pass" appropriations bill. These
votes will be decided by the moderates in both parties. We must reach
those moderates and hold them accountable.

Here's what you can do: go to

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has set up this new
website to make it extremely easy for youto send messages of protest
to your senators andrepresenative. It will take you only a minute.

I've been on NRDC's board for 25 years, so I know how effective they
are at waging and winning
environmental campaigns. Last year, NRDC used web activism to
help generate a million messages of protest to Mitsubishi and stopped
the company from destroying the last unspoiled birthing ground of the
Pacific gray whale.

We'll win this time too if each of us does our part for the Arctic
Refuge. Please visit
http://www.savebiogems.org/arctic right now.
And forward my message to your family, friends and colleagues.
Congress cannot ignore millions of us.

If we let them plunder our greatest wildlife refuge for the sake of
oil company profits, then no piece of our natural heritage is safe
from destruction. Please go to

http://www.savebiogems.org/arctic and help keep the Arctic wild and

Sincerely yours,
Robert Redford

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