Friday, April 27
The Downward Spiral

This is at once terribly sad and absolutely fascinating. Rotten.com is not a site I would normally advise many people visiting, but this one series is wholly remarkable.

It is a series of mug shots taken over 14 years in one woman's life. A picture is a thousand words, a series like this leaves me speechless.

(Note: this could be an art project masquerading as reality. In either case, the effect is still profound.)

Wednesday, April 25
Everybody is Kung Fu fighting. They're fast as lightning. Umm, yeah.

Warning, StileProject is gross, sometimes fun. The banner ad will likely be for porno.

Friday, April 20
Animutation Central

They're not flaky imports from foreign Flash artists. They are domestically home brewed nonsense. They're funny, but they mean nothing.

Wednesday, April 18
Consolation Prize -- a Ton of Gold

When I read Neil Stephenson's Cyptonomicon, I noticed it was in the "Fiction" section.

Tuesday, April 17
Monkey phone call for you! - Monkey phone calls!

Hey - it makes a profit.

Tuesday, April 10

Fucking New York.

Wednesday, April 4

Last night the phone rings, and it's someone telling me "did you know that Sandra Day O'Connor is considering retiring this summer and John Ashcroft is the Bush administration's choice to replace her? The moral majority, the Christian Coalition, 10 years ago voted John Ashcroft their number one best bet for a Supreme Court appointment, and hopefully, becoming the Chief Justice." The guy wasn't reading off a page, he was being conversational in his fear mongering. It was a strange tactic, but it kept me on the phone and talking. Good strategy.

I talked with him a bit, told him that none of the leftist rags I read have ever reported that bit of news (beyond the "what if..." scenarios). He shifted gears and segued into his sales pitch for the People for the American Way. They were calling because I signed the "Oppose Ashcroft" petition, and they compared my name to a list of members and saw that I was not, as yet, a supporting member of the PFTAW. Their website happens to be pfaw.org, which I find very funny in an onomatopoetic way.

Then I asked him if he knew my friend, who used to be the Executive Director in the L.A. office a year ago. He politely avoided the question, saying that he knew her name but had never met her. I then went on to say I had been to the award show and fundraiser the year prior. He said he was surprised I wasn't already a member. I figured it wasn't the best time to go into why, that attending their fund raiser was like stepping into Bizarro land where they were using the same tools as the Moral Majority to demonize the radical right, using fear-inducing dogma. I find that form of politics ugly, though I acknowledge it's how things are done these days.

What heartens me about PFTAW is the fact that the last time a group of leftist Hollywood folks tried to politically mobilize, they got called Reds and were blackballed from working in the industry. I think Truman Capote would have been a member of PFTAW, but only for the principle of it. For that reason, I chose to have this phone soliciter put me down for $35, because it's good to have these people around, making web sites like EyeOnBush.org and spending the time to create online web petitions that can sumit 350,000 names to Congress.

Monday, April 2
You have just received the Amish virus.
Since we have no electricity or computers, you are on the honor

Please delete all of your files on your hard drive.
Then forward this message to everyone in your address book.
Thank yee.

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