Friday, March 16
Tax humor!

Wednesday, March 14
Index of Congressional Research Service Reports The Congressional Research Service (CRS) serves Congress throughout the legislative process by providing comprehensive and reliable legislative research and analysis. Included on this website are written products tailored to specific issues requiring information, analysis, or legal interpretation.

The Congressional Research Search (CRS) web-based collection of products is only available through this website and are not directly accessible by the public. The access to these reports are provided as a service to the American taxpayers.

The Conservative Hall of Fame

Beautiful, man, beautiful. I'm weeping.

Christian Re-Versed Lyrics

An entire index of song lyrics modified to fit the born-again Christian sect. If you weren't offended by zealots yet, this is just the thing!

"I am the walrus" becomes "I can't get born again / I can't get born again / 'cause I'm a walrus / boo-hoo boo-hoo"

And what sporting event would be complete without "We will rock you"'s stomping opening of Freddie Mercury belting out:

"Buddy, you're a boy cryin' out for someone to help you / with the troubles that plague you / overwhelm you got no help, no love, no face / Screamin' your pain all over the place - I say: / Jesus Christ can save you! / Jesus Christ can save you!"

If these people are so thrilled to go be with God, I wish they'd hurry up and get there.

Thursday, March 8
Peter Pan's Home Page!

I'm.... I'm..... stunned.

Vegetarian Gets $215 for Bone in Plane Meal

This is a fair settlement. If he had spilled hot chicken soup in his lap, he would have gotten $215 million.

"Caution: the contents of the meal you are about to enjoy may be hot, contain animal parts, and will try to cop a feel on the first date. Management assumes no responsibility for the actions of the entree."

Bomb squad humor!

demian.5 comics: When I Am King

Online comics come of age.

Friday, March 2
Hatten ‰r din ††-†-††The hat is yours Somehow, this translation of the flash animation looks suspect. But hell, it's a fun read.

MINDSTORMS Droid Developer Kit for $30 (save 70 freakin' bucks)

One of the things I miss about having a dual income is being able to buy toys like this and not feel it. But, alas, I have to remind myself:

"Write yourself a fucking Porsche, you idiot."

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