Friday, November 24
I am so fucking ahead of my time.

Tuesday, November 21
WWJD-40 - when you need the power of the righteous to stop that annoying squeaking hinge.

It’s one thirty in the morning here in east Dallas, TX. I woke up in Nashville and clocked 700 miles to Dallas. This is day three of my solo road trip; just me, the road, and my jumble of thoughts. Tonight was a mistake. I came into town and made my way to Baby Doll’s, a strip joint in the north of Dallas near the airport that came highly recommended by a friend and The Ultimate Strip Club List . I got there, paid my five bucks, and within twenty minutes decided to leave. It might have been the 700 miles leaving me exhausted. It might have been the thick cloud of cigarette, cigar, and marijuana smoke. It could also be that the one thing I hate most about Texas is that it’s full of Texans. It didn’t matter that the reviews all boasted about how touching was allowed, and that the one thing that set Baby Dolls apart was the girls putting the customer’s hands on their private parts. I went to a few of the 8 stages, tipped a few girls some dollar bills, and I left.

Feeling totally weird I then went to an adult video store around the corner and decided to look for other entertainment. This place had individual rooms for watching videos, instead of open booths like I’ve seen in L.A. These were doctor’s office sized rooms with two TVs for alternating and previewing channels. Facing the video wall was a black plastic couch, and a box of tissues. I took a tissue and turned on the lights. My suspicions were confirmed, so I left the room without touching any surfaces and disposed of the tissue on my way out. I didn’t buy anything, I was too sick of it all. I found a hotel and made my way to it, not realizing until I was 1/2 way there that it was the wrong direction. It didn’t matter. I was too tired. I’ll be able to get my car stereo fixed tomorrow, and I have a place to sleep now. To top it all off, the TV in the room doesn’t have a remote control and I’m watching Benny Hill on PBS. Only in Texas is Benny Hill considered educational.

Friday, November 17
It’s one thirty in the morning here in east Dallas, TX. I woke up in Nashville and clocked 700 miles to Dallas. This is day three of my solo road trip; just me, the road, and my jumble of thoughts. Tonight was a mistake. I came into town and made my way to Baby Doll’s, a strip joint in the north of Dallas near the airport that came highly recommended by a friend and
Al Gore and a democratic Senate approved Justices Scalia and Thomas. Gore wants to increase military spending (not reduce and disarm), he has not lead by example and reformed his own campaign financing, and he has formed his platform in direct opposition to his own voting record. Gore has not cut his ties to big business and their investments. In fact, "big tobacco" was a major sponsor of the DNC convention. Centrist Democrats like Gore and Clinton have succeeded in warping their party to walk and talk like Republicans. While it is true that George W. Bush is the smirking face of evil, and his likely ascension to the highest seat of power in this country would be a sign of apocalypse, I cannot vote for corporate-backed liars anymore.

If you are considering voting for George Bush, please shoot yourself or otherwise incapacitate yourself before Tuesday. You are obviously an idiot and cannot be trusted with the responsibilities of thinking for yourself. Take you and your genes off the face of the earth. The man has been arrested at least 3 times. How many times have you been arrested? Are you running for President? He can barely read and write, he's a Connecticut rich boy posing as a Texan, raised amongst politicians while posing as a "Washington outsider". Tarzan blended in better amongst the English. Bush is a failed businessman, he made his millions at the expense of taxpayers. He's a bedfellow of the worst kinds of oil money, a greedy whore who's spread his cheeks so wide that when the next corporation gets its turn to do the deed it's like throwing a frisbee down a hallway. Cheney will be drawing his oil pension well into his potential vice-presidency. Texas is a gross polluter, systematically neglects its children in health care and education, and its Governor cannot answer a direct question with an informed answer. The bar of expectations has been lowered so low, he merely had to speak in order to be considered a viable candidate. This is a pathetic state of affairs.

So if you must, hold your nose and vote for Gore, and make your other votes count in local seats and House votes. Medea Benjamin, an activist and founder of the human rights foundation Global Exchange, is an incredible candidate going against Diane Feinstein, another Republican who skinned and ate a Democrat for their skin.

I will be voting for Ralph Nader because I heard him speak for two hours and not once did I disagree with his opinions, chain of reason, or logical points. He has solid arguments based on fact, history, and empirical evidence. He does not respond in easy-to-digest snippets. He does not offer easy solutions, he demands sweeping change. While I know he will never win the Presidency, perhaps he will win a small legitimization for the Green Party. After a meager 5% showing, with campaign matching funds, the next election they may get 10%. In 20 years, perhaps a Green ticket will reach the 50% number Bush and his Satan worshipping henchman now achieve. This is how movements are built. This is how change happens. It took Clinton and Gore 8 years in the White House and 20 years in politics to sell out the Democratic party. It will take 20 more years to get it back.

Look at the
Nader website and look at what he has to say about the environment, corporate greed, the plutocracy, the vast similarities in the two major parties, and the obvious war being waged against the poor, the underrepresented, and democracy by Gore and Bush.

It is appalling to see Bush/Cheney this far ahead. Stop fear. Stop hate. Stop Bush. Get the word out. Convince as many people as you can. And if you can't convince them away from voting Bush/Cheney, slash their tires on Tuesday morning.

If you vote for George W. Bush you are a fuckwit. There is no possible way any human being could support this retard. He's the worst of the worst. Voting for him means you are a complete moron and you'd be better off falling on your own sword. Please. Remove yourself from the gene pool immediately. To that end I present the following forwarded email supposedly from Michael Moore:


November 3, 2000

Dear friends,

With the revelation last night of the drunk driving
arrest and conviction in 1976 of George W. Bush,
this marks the THIRD arrest -- that we know of --
involving this man who would be President.

Let me ask you, the readers of this letter: How
many times have YOU been arrested? Me, none.
Most of you -- once? twice? This guy has been
arrested AT LEAST THREE TIMES! How many
people do you know have been arrested three
times? Go ahead, do a quick count on your fingers.
The answer? NONE!

Yet, we are being asked on Tuesday to vote for
a man who has been arrested THREE TIMES.
For President of the United States! Are they
kidding? The Republicans must take us all for

The first arrest of George W. Bush was for
theft at a hotel. The second arrest was for
disorderly conduct at a football game. The
third arrest, we've now learned, is for a very
serious crime -- drunk driving. What's the next
crime committed by George W. Bush that we
will learn of? When will we learn it? It is time for
everyone to demand the truth from Governor
Bush. I'm telling you, we haven't heard the last of
his criminal behavior.

But next Wednesday will be too late to find out.

The press should be ashamed of itself for its
laziness. I cannot believe it took a young woman,
Erin Fehlau -- at a FOX affiliate, no less -- up in
Maine to stumble onto this story and do the
necessary work to uncover it. Where have the
big networks' investigative reporters been?

I'll tell you where: ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL!

After seeing this local Maine reporter on "Nightline"
last night explain how a policewoman told her she
overheard a conversation between a lawyer and a
judge, and then the reporter started digging around
and found out the facts, it was clear the story was
not planted by the Gore campaign, as Bush and his
people have been insinuating.

The real story here is how did this conviction get
covered up for so many years? I spoke to a lawyer
last night familiar with these kinds of cases. She
said that a D.U.I., in and of itself, is not something
worth covering up. Had Bush revealed this himself,
he would have found the public forgiving of his

No, my lawyer friend continued, the only reason
to cover it up would be that there was something
ELSE connected to the arrest that night -- e.g.,
drugs or resisting arrest. This other potential charge
could have been dropped and expunged. The
reporter was shown only the court docket which
listed Bush's name, address, and the charge to
which he pleaded guilty. What we need to see
is the actual POLICE REPORT from that night.
Assuming it hasn't been doctored, that will tell us
the truth.

The Bush people have already lied about the
nature of the D.U.I. arrest (they said the cop
pulled Bush over because he was "driving too
slowly"; the arresting officer last night said it
was because Bush had "swerved off on the
shoulder of the road"). Bush himself lied last
night when asked about the night he spent in
jail. "I didn't spend time in jail," he insisted. The
officer told the local reporter that Bush, in fact,
was handcuffed, taken to the station, and held
in custody for at least an hour and a half.

This is not just some simple traffic ticket. I
don't want to hear one word comparing this
drunk driving conviction to Clinton's
transgressions. Lying about consensual sex you
had with another adult is NOT the same as
getting behind the wheel of a car when you are
drunk and endangering the lives of others
(including the life of your own sister, Mr. Bush,
who was in the car with you that night).

It is NOT the same as Gore volunteering he
smoked pot in his youth. That act endangered no
one's life and he did not try to cover it up.

And don't tell us that the drunk driving and the
"drinking problem" was just a "youthful indiscretion."
You were NOT a "youth" when you were in your
THIRTIES on the night you were arrested while
careening off the road. The fact is, according to your
own admission (if not in these words), you were a
drunk and a bum 'til the age of 40, living off your
rich daddy who spent his time bailing you out of

For crying out loud -- if any Republican is reading
this, I implore you: this man does not deserve to
be placed in the highest and most respected office
in the land! Bush voters, come to your senses! If
you can't bring yourself to vote for Nader or Gore,
then show your love for your country and just stay
home next Tuesday.

Please, save our nation this incredible, unfolding,
never-ending embarrassment.


Michael Moore

P.S. Last night, just as the news was breaking about
George W. Bush's arrest and conviction for driving
while drunk, I sent out an open letter toGovernor Bush
(click on: www.michaelmoore.com/2000_11_02.html),
asking him to answer three questions which I believe
affect our national security:

1. Are you, Mr. Bush, unable to read and write on an
adult level?

2. Are you an alcoholic and, if so, how will this affect
your performance as Commander-in-Chief?

3. You say that you have not committed any felonies
since 1975. What felonies did you commit PRIOR to
that date?

I implore our nation's media to demand answers to
these questions before Tuesday's election. The people
have a right to know.

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